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AC Motors

Basic Information

Three-phase induction motors series 1AY with separate ventilation

These motors are designated in the first place for supplying from frequency converters. In the projection of this series of motors all influences deriving from the frequency converters have been taken into account so that their operation is optimal without reducing the efficiency, and without additional vibrations and noise.

The motors are equipped with independent ventilation enabling operation of the motors in the range of speed from minimal to rated at rated torque.


Induction motor of series 4TM, 5TM

Motors of 4TM series are induction motors with squirrel cage rotor, 4TM are three-phase and 4JMC are single-phase with capacitor. Motor frame, both shields and terminal box are made of an aluminum alloy, fan is made of plastic, fan cover is manufactured from steel sheet.

Heavy series of induction motors 5TM – three-phase induction motor with frame and shields from grey cast iron, suitable for heavy industrial performance with high mechanical stress, vibrations and severe environment.

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