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Three phase induction motors series 1AY with independent ventilation

Basic Information

Induction motors of 1AY series are special AC motors designed for powering from frequency converters. They are used most often in machine-tools, textile machines, fans, pumping equipments, drives for fork lift trucks or platform trucks.

At project of these motors all influences that appear in the powering from frequency converters have been solved. Therefore their operation is optimally adjusted without any loss in efficiency and without any additional vibrations and noise.

Motors of 1AY series are produced in four axial heights:

90 mm 112 mm
132 mm 160 mm

Motor frame is ribbed, and made from aluminium alloy.

Motors are equipped with independent ventilation, which enables to operate the motors in the range from minimal to nominal speed at nominal torque and further the operation at speed up to 6000 min-1 by a constant power. On customer’s demand it can also be up to 10 000 min-1.

The motors can be also equipped with an incremental or other speed sensor. Further all motors are equipped with thermal switches, which signalize attainment of winding temperature limit, given by used class of insulation. Current inlets of the motor, ventilation motor, thermal switch and speed sensor are lead to terminal box, equipped with cover and necessary bushings.

Motor can be equipped also with an electromagnetic brake.

Technical Information

The shape of the motors in basic concept:

IM 2001 feet-flange 1AY 90 to 1AY 160 M
IM 1001 feet 1AY 160 L and 1AY 160 V

Protection of the motors:

IP 54 (closed) secures the motor against dust in harming amount and protection against sprinkling water without harmful effects
IP 23 in horizontal operating position fulfills IP 54, in vertical operation position there is necessary to cover the motor, for example with a small roof

Cooling system IC416 provides transmission of heat via the frame blown by independent fan, which is placed on the frontal motor shield (with parameters 1x230V, 50-60Hz or 3x400V, 50Hz).

Direction of rotation: when connected acc. the scheme of motor wiring, which is placed on the cover terminal board box, the direction of rotation is clockwise (looking at free shaft end). Change of the direction of rotation can be achieved by exchange of two current inlets.

Motors are designed for ordinary environment with ambient temperature from -20 to +40°C.
On customers demand there is possibility to adjust the motor for tropical environment.

Speed of the motor can be controlled within a wide range by a change of supplying frequency. This however does not disqualify these motors from usage even for connection to network with constant basic frequency.

Detailed information can be found under the tab Documents for download.

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