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DC Motors of M Series for general purpose

Basic Information

Motors of this series are designed for use in industrial drives and devices, where is required a continuous speed control. This can be obtained either by change of armature voltage or optionally by control of the excitation voltage - machining tools, printing machines, auxiliary drives on transport vehicles (fans, pumps).

This series is manufactured in four basic axial heights:

90 mm 112 mm
132 mm 160 mm

Sizes 112 and 132 are designed in two lengths of active iron, sizes 90 and 160 in three lengths.

Structural design of series of direct current machines allows high standardization of all components, preserving enormous amount of design variations. The production of this series complies with recommended sizes, mentioned in IEC 72 ČSN 35 0040.

The machines are four-poles, only exception is M 90, which is two-poles.
The motors can be powered even from controlled rectifiers.

Rotors of the machines are dynamically balanced with inserted half-key on the shaft extension and seated in radial ball bearings with permanent fat filling. 
The upper side of the machines is equipped with terminal box with sealed bushings. Bushings lead to the side opposing the shaft and the customer is allowed to change their direction according to his needs (terminal box allows to change the position by 90°). 

Fastening feet allow to secure the mechanical position of the machine while seated. All machines with mass over 30 kg are equipped with suspension screws to assure a safe suspension.

Vibrating of machines corresponds to category A. Machines with lower values of vibrating, in category B, can be delivered after agreement. 
Noise level follows the standards of class 1. Insulation of the machines is provided in the class F of heat resistance.

All machines comply with the standards IEC 34-1, ČSN EN 60034 and ST SEV 1346-78.

Technical Information

DC machines are equipped either with shunt or separate excitation. In case of a requirement of stable load characteristics (speed decreases while loaded) are these motor provided with stabilizing auxiliary series winding. Such cases occur for instance in the motors, that do not work with controller in a control loop. Engines powered from controlled rectifiers with a speed-control loop do not have any stabilizing winding.

On demand are the machines also manufactured with compound or series excitation.

Motors are designed for environment:

ordinary ambient temperature up -20 to +40 °C
tropical wet TH32 in protection IP23 ambient temperature up -20 to +40 °C
tropical universal T23 in protection IP23 ambient temperature up -20 to +45 °C

Elevation - maximal 1000m, above 1000m the output is to be reduced.

Armature voltages:


  110 V    designed for powering by a smooth current
  160 V designed for powering from single phase rectifiers
  220 V designed for powering by a smooth current
  270 V     designed for powering from single phase rectifiers
  330 V designed for powerig from three phase rectifiers
  400 V designed for powering by a smooth current or for powerig from three phase rectifiers
  440 V designed for powerig from three phase rectifiers

While powering from controlled rectifiers with voltage ripple over 15% it is necessary to reduce the output (torque) by 15%.

Machines are designed for both directions of rotation. Unless stated otherwise, the motors are connected in a clock wise direction of rotation, which can be changed by connecting according to the scheme, which is placed in the terminal box.

Shapes of machines:

IM 1001 IM 2001 IM 3001 IM 3011 IM 3031
IM 1002 IM 2002 IM 3002 IM 3012 IM 3032


            IP 23                    IP 44           IP 55 (after agreement)

Motors are manufactured in version MB, MF, MG, MO.

Speed control by change of armature voltage:
Motors MB can be controlled by armature voltage by a constant torque from the highest nominal speed to 1300 min-1 at MB112 and MB132 or to 1500 min-1 at MB90 and MB160, further by all motors to 750 and 300 min-1 according to the correspondent  control range. Similarly motors MF and MG can be controlled down to lowest speed 50 min-1.
Motors MO can be controlled at constant torque down to 300 min-1 and from 300 down to 50 min-1 at torque that is reduced to 70% MN. Nominal torque corresponds to the parameters stated on the label.

Speed control by a field weakening:

     1 : 1,5   at constant output
     1 : 2 at reduced output by 10%

Higher control range can be arranged after agreement.

Maximal speed given by mechanical strength of the rotor is 4 500 min-1.

Detailed information can be found under the Documents tab to download.

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