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Electrohydraulic actuators of the series EP

Technical Information

Drive unit consists of built-in three phase induction motor that is driving propeller wheel of hydraulic pump. 

Reverse run of the device after disconnecting from network is secured by mass of controlled device or by means of built-in pulling springs. All outside components including terminal box are aluminium castings.


Velocity of pull bar movement can be changed in small range by means of control screws, which are placed under the filling hole on the top cover (motion gets slower by tightening) or by continuous  slowing-down by means of control valves.

Operating position is vertical or inclined by 60° from vertical line, on demand also horizontally.


Basic Information

For drive of the pump EP there is used three-phase induction motor with squirrel-cage rotor. Stator winding of small motor is made for all ordinary three-phase voltages from 220 to 575 V at basic frequency 50 event. 60 Hz. EP device DC current is not produced.


Small motor winding is in the class of temperature resistance F. Protection IP 54, cooling IC 410. 

EP devices are produced in four basic type sizes:


EP 20/50     -
EP 50/50     EP 50/100
EP 125/60    EP 125/160
EP 150/60    EP 150/160


Operation conditions:

EP devices can be operated up to 2000 m above sea level.


N-23 Norml with range of outer temperatures -20 až +40 °C
T-23 Tropical with range of outer temperatures -25 až +45 °C
F-23 Cold with range of outer temperatures -40 až +40 °C




S1     continuous load
S3 intermittent running with requency of switching up to 2000 cycles per hour at load factor to 100%


Detailed information can be found under the tab Documents for download.

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