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We produce electric motors for the light and medium engineering industries and we also offer repairs and various cooperations




Richtr Bros' Engineering Works

The factory was established from a little workshop based in autumn 1909 at Šámalova Street in Brno-Židenice. Three workers along with the owners started to manufacture washing and ironing machines, later on also two cycle and four cycle petrol motors and planning machines. The workshop was named Richtr Bros’ Engineering Works. In 1912, they already employed 30 workers and 10 apprentices. The company bought further lands and built two-store factory building, different annex buildings and warehouses and next year little foundry plant. The importance and size of the factory was increased after the 2nd World War thanks to electrification development. The owners found other associates and produced first 200 electromotors in 1920.

In January 1921 after reorganization, all the associates established a new company named Elektromotor SVET. Within the years 1924-1925, the company built a new large foundry plant, increased the number of employees to 145. In 1926, it enlarged the manufacturer’s area and launched production of starters, regulators, button switches and switches for motors. In 1928 the factory bought another building and neon signs and three-phase generators were added to the production range. At that time, the company SVET already employed 334 workers.



Moravian electrotechnic factory

In 1946, the company „Elektromotor SVET” was nationalized and implemented into national enterprise Moravské elektrotechnické závody (Moravian electrotechnic factory) with its head-quarters in Olomouc. There was launched production of DC machines, motor-generators, single-armature converters of voltage and frequency and petrol-electric aggregates. There were also produced various one-purpose motors, small single phase motors and later also series of electrohydraulic devices ELDRO, small motors STM for sewing machines and at the end of 50’s also refrigerator motors. On 1st January 1950, an independent company MEZ Židenice was established.


MEZ Brno

By fusion of companies MEZ Židenice, MEZ Development and MEZ Drásov with branch works in Nedvědice and in Štěpánov, a new national enterprise MEZ BRNO was founded. The basic factory of enterprise MEZ BRNO was factory in Brno-Židenice. In 1964, the development factory was released from the enterprise and became an independent research and development institution. The whole production program was innovated to the end of 1970, production of semi-con-ducting rectifiers and thyristor regulators was launched. During the innovation of DC machines there was developped and put into production also a new series of three phase motors (WINTER – EIGBERG) and series of special DC motors with small inertia SFT and later the series of high-torque motors SHAT. A new DC reversible drive MEZOMATIC for axis drives of numeric machine tools was presented in 1974 and in 1977 followed a new series of DC motors.



EM Brno Ltd.

A company ELSLAV acquired the plant after its privatization in 1994 and a new company EM Brno s.r.o. was established in 1996, it preserves and develops the production of DC and AC electricmotors, servo-motors, explosion-proof induction motors etc. including the production of special tailor-made motors.

Stále se snažíme vyvíjet nové typy elektromotorů. Díky našemu odbornému týmu jsme tak mohli v roce 2002 představit bezpřevodové výtahové stroje pro pohon lanových výtahů a následně o deset let později jsme přišli na trh s bezpřevodovými výtahovými stroji určenými pro pohon výtahů pomocí pásů Polyrope.