In addition to the range below, we are able to produce water-cooled electric motors and other drives according to your specifications.

DC electric motors are generally used to convert electrical energy into mechanical work. The advantage of DC machines is easy and smooth speed control, which is achieved by changing the armature voltage or by regulating the voltage of the excitation winding.

AC motors are highly reliable machines powered either from an industrial network of 50 or 60 Hz (very narrow speed control range) or from frequency converters (wide speed control range).

Servomotors are used to drive feeds, manipulators and other devices with a wide and precise range of speed control.

The electro-hydraulic devices of the EP series are a replacement for the German products known as ELDRO, BL or EB.

Explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors with short-circuited rotors are intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The motors are marked with a hexagonal mark with the inscription Ex, which is the symbol of the European Union for non-explosive products.

Gearless elevator machines are designed to drive rope elevators, which in conjunction with a frequency converter allow continuous control of the speed of movement of the elevator cage, which is especially important during starts and braking.

The dynamo starter is used in a set with a control unit for the production of direct current electricity. In function the starters are used for the initial spin of additional devices.

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